The ultimate no compromise, cross-platform, cross-genre magic battle royale.
Revolutionary in every single way.

Are you looking for a unique game experience, thrilling gameplay, a non pay to win system, and an unmatched cross-platform experience? Why not have it all?
Yes you can. We strongly believe you will love Strangers - Awaken.

Strangers — Season One

This is the first story of an epic Strangers series. Roughly, the order of a sequel is as follows: Awaken, Uprising, Survival, Recollection, Invasion, Betrayal, and Independence. Simply it is an epic story between “Them” and you.

First season: Awaken

With endless power and intelligence, THEY create this city with the same intentions the Romans had when they built the Colosseum. Abducting people from other universes and pitting them against each other, sadistically deriving pleasure from their pain. The pain of separation from their loved ones and the pain of having to kill others pointlessly.

THEY said one winner would be returned to their home and this promise is what drove everyone to fight. Everyone fights to be the last soul left in this city. This city is their battleground, death place, and graveyard—yet they are all Strangers here.

Freedom is an illusion

Especially here. THEY do return you, but THEY bring you right back to a new city. The cruelty is ingenious. We thought the only true prize was a memory wipe and reinsertion into the city. We never figured out the real prize: every iteration we got stronger.

Memory wipes leave memory fragments. Fragments cause Deja Vu. Deja Vu grants the ability to remember. We’re starting to realize. This isn’t the only city, nor is it the first time we’ve been here.

There’s nothing we can do about it… Or is there? If only we could truly Awaken.

There is one more way to enjoy SA. Regarding the story, we are not kind enough to tell you the story directly. We will give you pieces and hints, of which you must piece together. Both online and offline, you will find yourself involved in a community of people working together to decipher these meanings.

Within a fast-paced, 15 minute match, you need to be the last man standing in a ferocious battle area, packed with foes while still looting magic items and evading incessant magic attacks.

Because the battle area is small and ever shrinking, you will continuously encounter enemy players. Do not hide! Winning by just hiding until the end will get you almost nothing.

You must annihilate the enemy who dares to stand in front of you so that you can level up your magic which dramatically improves its performance. Not only that, but you may keep what they have looted—including gold—after the match, proportional to your score.

In addition, only those who both survive to the end and become an MVP will receive an access token to a secret and lucrative mission.

You will have to master the magic so that you can balance the strengths and weaknesses of each piece of magic.

As you may guess from the story section, there are so many cities and characters. We will reveal one story at a time, which means one city and one or two characters at a time.

no-compromise cross-platform

There are lots of games which have great quality, but most of this is limited to desktops. Users have to choose between performance and accessibility. You don’t need to do this anymore.

Strangers - Awaken is a true full cross-platform game, meaning you can play it on a computer, mobile device, or console (stretch goal), but with the same highest quality. Anybody can enjoy our game using their preferred devices—even on reasonably old systems and phones.

You can enjoy SA on various devices with the best graphics and highest frame rates anytime and anywhere!

Stretch Goals

PC, Mac, and Linux support

Unparalleled mobile experience

We are able to provide an unparalleled mobile experience thanks to various optimization techniques. You will experience a whole new level of quality. One you’ve never experienced before.

Even on a reasonably old mobile device, you will still receive a desktop level experience.


You must master the magic to achieve the best results in both brewing and usage. Each magic has strengths and weaknesses based on their class. There are 6 classes: ice, fire, lightning, light, darkness, and physical force.


To brew magic and level up, you need gold and magic items. In SA, these can be acquired for free. You can loot them during battles or during visits to secret worlds!

We offer a whole new level of magic brewing—generic mechanism.

Brewing magic is just like how living creatures are formed based on their genome. We designed the system exactly like this. Magic items are like nucleotides. Together, they create a chain and a gene, which is magic effects. Genes form a genome, which is your magic you just brewed.

Simply, each magic item will exclusively control an aspect and characteristic of each magic effect. Thus you can freely create (brew) your own magic. If we put a new magic item into our game system, it introduces an exponential amount of new possibilities and combinations.

There will be millions of combinations that we ourselves cannot even think of. But you must bear in mind that just like how each nucleotide complements a specific other nucleotide, (Adenine to Thymine and Cytosine to Guanine) you must learn and experiment to see which magic items compliment each other the best.

As the game evolves, we will probably open a market to trade your amazing magics.

Currently, there are 20+ character animations, 100+ cast effects, 50+ chargeup effects, 80+ hit effects, and 6 effect slots. The number of spells you can create is practically infinite.

Remember, based on the class of each magic, brewing results are drastically different.





Your rewards will be practical items such as gold and magic items.

Not only the last survivor, but also the MVP will be rewarded. Most importantly, only those who both survive to the end and become an MVP will receive an access token to a secret and lucrative mission.

Don’t worry if you are a noob or not a winner. If you defeat your enemy, you can take a huge portion of the enemy’s looted items. You will also receive the items you have looted, proportional to your score.

In SA, you can’t win battles just by luck.

We, as gamers, were very frustrated when we were defeated by luck not skill. Thus, we designed SA in a way that your hard work will be rewarded.

Here are a few tips on how to win.

Only your hard work brings you victory. You can’t buy victory with money, period.

We won’t add any system that harms your gaming experience. Only the game matters.

Only the game matters.